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    Every day, Intellicore Design Consulting delivers responsive business analysis & insights, affordable technology innovation, and value management that produce measurable results. As a business technical consulting firm, you gain clarity and focus about what success looks like for your business and life.

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    We're diverse and dynamic. We never stand still. Every day we're growing and improving everything we create. At Intellicore Design Consulting we want to amaze and inspire you.

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    Intellicore Design Consulting is a technical business consulting firm which works with entrepreneurs, business owners, and creative professionals who find either time, money or energy is missing from their work/life mix. Together we align their business and life so that there's more than enough money, time and energy for what's really meaningful to them.

    Cynthina S. Heinsohn is the founder and President of Intellicore Design Consulting. Her life’s passion is to work with entrepreneurs, business owners, creative professionals and executives to find business success and personal fulfillment.


    Our manifesto is to integrate yourself, your business, family, friends and life with financial and personal effectiveness and success. We work together with you to get out of the proverbial trees so you can work strategically on business development and systematically solve these problems. This shift in perspective results in higher profits, better cash flow, and a happier workplace, which in turn leads to a healthy, productive, and joyful life.

    We create a vision for your future and formulate a direct plan of action. You will create success on your own terms and discovery. You will unleash your passion for your business and your life. Your business. Your life.

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    We believe in the best of all worlds. And for 15 years we have relentlessly pursued the promise of making each of our clients a success story. Building a relationship with our clients helps us define who we are. When we do what we promise, you trust, and when you have success we feel we have done our homework. Without compromise we bring this to the people we interact with night and day.

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